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The memories of inter-college rivalries are for keeps. We’ve given our most important lectures to fest rehearsals, misused permission slips, bunked classes, turned up home late. All for the pride of our college. The medals we’ve won have not only made us the cool kid in our social circle but have become the armours under which our passions flourished—in this case, sports and fitness.

We know what college life is, and that’s why, we want to make it more memorable for college-goers. We want College Frenzy to not only inspire students to be fitter and healthier but discover how far their determination really takes them.


With this unique show, we tap into inter-college rivalries that fests are so famous for. The College Frenzy allows students to compete on the basis of strength, fitness, and stamina on a national platform and showcase their achievements to a wider audience. a three-month audition drive, we select 16 top colleges to join us in the making of The College Frenzy show.


  • After a three-month audition drive, we select 16 top colleges to join us in filming The College Frenzy show.

  • Each team comprises three students of either the same or mixed gender

  • Each participant must be within the ages of 18-25 and must submit a valid college ID along with an Aadhar card to confirm the DOB

  • In order to qualify, each team must submit a video nomination showing them doing the prescribed workout in a minimal amount of time.

  • Each team will be guaranteed at least two chances to qualify to the next round

  • The shoot will take place over a three-day period for which, all selected teams will be flown to the shooting venue at the expense of Volano Entertainment Pvt Ltd

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