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The College Frenzy is the only platform in India to bring together colleges from across the country on to a competitive format that’s based on fitness alone. Not just that, it gives 16 top college teams a chance to showcase themselves and their colleges on national OTT. Combine this with the traditional college rivalries and you end up with a concept that creates ripples in the university space.


Every year, we reach out to over 100 colleges for participation, and for those that we cannot reach, we invite video submissions through a form available on our website with prescribed workouts. The selection process begins soon after, with audition drives held at over 1,000 colleges pan India. After an exhausting three-month elimination process, top 16 colleges are brought together and filmed at a world-class, custom-built obstacle running set. Imagine being in the space, bringing glory to your college for the world to see! It’s kind of a big deal.

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