Maruti Suzuki Arena Devils Circuit College Frenzy

Virtual Challenge

Watch the Swag with which our participants got a cool introduction! For your chance to feature in a video,
pre-register today. In this time of COVID-19, we have come together to stay active and fit online. To make it fun we have created a virtual obstacle course for you. It gives you a chance to complete six of the show’s toughest obstacles with SIX Super Workouts each week. Participate and also win Certificates and Supercool Merchandise for Every Round you clear.

Rules of Participation


  1. Register for the challenge.

  2. Wait for the weekly challenge to be released every Monday at 10 AM.

  3. Follow the rules and submit your entry as guided at the time of launch.

  4. Watch College Frenzy 3.0 on Airtel Xstream to answer easy questions to complete each challenge.

Register Here

Maruti Suzuki Arena Devils Circuit College Frenzy is the toughest fest in India for those who love to live a healthy, fit life. Come join us and celebrate your college life in a unique fun way.

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